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MentalHealthAwarenessWeek: Everybody Worries

Hi everyone… Today we are sharing a video of a book entitled “Everybody Worries,” by Jon Bergerman. This is good to share with children because it discusses how it is fine to feel anxious sometimes and how it is important to talk. We have been focusing on #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek this week. Mental Health is central to our aims of connecting and empowering students. We can only solve important global issues if we all work together.
I have also been asked where you might access some books online. If you visit this website below:-
You can sign up to free ebooks to support your child read and they are divided into different age groups and reading stages.
Please like, share & comment on this post to spread the word of the work that Global School Networks does. We are a community interest organisation. You can sign up your child to tutoring sessions and money from this goes to support our global school partnerships and work with Kenya. You can get your school involved and we can support the school to link up with another school globally and undertake project work and workshops. You can join our penfriend scheme and get children communicating with each other.
We are stronger together and we can work together to overcome global issues we are facing.
Peace & Love to everyone during these very difficult and unprecedented times, from everyone at #TeamGSN

Save Our Rainforests



Recently an advertisement has been banned from our television screens. It highlighted an important global issue, which is impacting on all of us. The aim of Global School Networks is to connect and empower children, so they can become active global citizens. Everyone needs to know that everything that we do leaves a footprint and effects the environment. Destruction of our rainforests is a real problem. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to reflect on how we treat the planet or the environment and just carry on regardless. It was fantastic that this advert was explaining the impact that our everyday lives have on the environment. The palm oil industry has a huge impact on the environment and results in the destruction of our habitats and animals. Deforestation leads to climate change and ecosystems forever. It is good that businesses are now waking up to this fact and how the public would like them to do more to improve their environmental footprint.  It is important for future generations. Businesses can be far greener and more socially responsible and we should force them to do so, which is why Global School Networks is sharing this advert with you. It should be seen by everyone.

Why don’t you share this advert with your children? Get them to watch it and reflect on the film. Get them to put themselves in Rangtan’s shoes and think about what it would be like to  not be able to live in their house. I was working with a class on persuasive writing about protecting tigers and why it was important to conserve our endangered animals. The children were horrified to realise that 1 football pitch of trees is lost every second and how rainforests once covered approximately 14% of the lands surface and now it is 6%. Rainforests could be lost in our own life times if we don’t act more responsibly now. Some animals could become extinct in our lifetime like tigers and rhinos because the way we have protected and looked after them.

Global School Networks works with schools to develop a global dimension and we work with schools on environmental workshops. To find out more please email us at globalschoolnetworks@gmail.com.