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Visits and Exchanges

We have an opportunity for you to visit Kenya and find out about what it is really like. You will get the chance to experience the real Kenya with time spent in schools and communities. It is a fantastic chance to fully appreciate the lives of others and some of the issues that other people in the world are facing.  When you talk to people in local communities and spend time in villages you will get the chance to immerse yourself in the culture and life of Kenya.

Apply now for Summer 2018  Saturday 25th August 2018 – you could be in kenya.

Visits and Exchanges

You have over a year to save and prepare for the trip

The cost of the trip will be from £1500 including transport, logistics, accommodation, guides and fixers, local community members who support GSN, drivers and activities involving the schools. Money will also go towards the local schools,  local charities or community based organisations, small businesses, social enterprise schemes and post school opportunities for children.

excluding flights visas, medicines, vaccinations, your own expenses and spending money,  food and drink

Contact globalschoolnetwork@gmail.com for further details

Children on a Visit to Kenya


We can help to arrange visits to the UK and experience the education system in the UK.

Contact us at globalschoolnetwork@gmail.com for more information

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