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Pen Friend Opportunities and School Letter Exchanges 

  • Exchange of letters and developing friendships- Children get the chance to find out what it is like living in the UK and Kenya by sending letters and corresponding with each. Children get to develop a friendship and open up a world of possibilities.

Children reading letters - Our Projects

Helping children to write - our projects

Exchanging curriculum based projects and working collaboratively between schools

Children get the chance to work closely together and learn from each other. There are many projects like this entitled “A day in the life of…” and the children were able to explore similarities and differences between their daily lives. Exchanging project work has been a great success and the children were thrilled in both countries to share ideas.  There were some very good questions about life in the Uk and what children learn in the Uk from standard 7 and 8 pupils

Children working together

Children looking at scrapbooks

Focusing on Environmental Education, Sustainability and allowing children to become active global citizens 















Developing Literacy, Reading and Writing between schools and countries 























THE HUB: A centre for learning, research, business, innovation and  community development 

In the future we would like to create a place for learning in every school that can be used by the school and local community. Investment in infrastructure and ICT capacity can have a huge impact on everyone. It brings the world into the classroom and gives everyone opportunities to gain information.  It provides a place that everyone can work together. We believe that this is very important in an increasingly globalised world.


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