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Welcome to Global School Networks CIC Penpal Scheme 

Why don’t you start a life-long friendship with somebody else in another country? Having a penpal is a fantastic opportunity and a wonderful chance to connect with somebody else. This scheme allows children to communicate with each other; through letter writing, sharing pictures, creating project work and learning from each other. It is a chance for children to learn what it is like living in another country and experience differences or similarities to their own life. When children have the knowledge about the world around them, then this empowers them and they can become active global citizens. Children are the future generation, who will make key important decisions, so it is important that we give them an opportunity to know what life is like.

It is a meaningful way of developing writing and communication skills, as they will be writing for a purpose. Recent studies have indicated that for many reasons children don’t get the chance to develop their writing skills and are losing the art of communicating. Your child will have to consider how and what they need to write. The feedback that we have received from current panpal’s is that they are excited to receive and open a letter that has travelled thousands of miles. They will be able to share and exchange art work or pictures that they have created.

From time to time, we also give the children projects that they can undertake together, so they can learn from each other. For example, it might be a Geography project based around where they live, a Science project based on habitats, or a maths project based on car surveys in their local area. Many of the children have also learnt a lot from the letters that they have received, whether that is about the food that they eat, to life at home, or what hobbies they might have.

If you would like your child to have a Penpal and to receive a letter three times a year then please complete the following form to register your interest and make the appropriate payment via the Paypal button at the bottom of the form.

The cost of the project is currently free however there is a suggested donation of £30 per child. They will get to correspond with each other three times a year.  You can submit your details in the contact form below along with your PayPal transaction or invoice code in the message box, so we can match the payment to the correct person. You might not want to use Paypal, so please make an enquiry and we will send you account details to submit a payment.

Alternatively, to just make an enquiry and ask us more information, then complete the contact box below and write your enquiry in the message box, there is no need to submit PayPal payment details for an enquiry.

You are then free to write a letter straight away to your penpal introducing yourself. We will send you information about what to do next and where to send your letter. You might also like to draw a picture of yourself to get started, that will go with your letter. Once we have your letter, it will then be sent to Kenya where you will receive a penpal and get a response. We try to make sure that you will continue to correspond with the same person throughout your friendship however from time to time through illness, absence from school, migration or conflict then you will receive communication from another penpal.

Example of the Pen Friend Scheme

There are lots of Penpal’s in Kenya, who are wanting to be linked up, to have friends in the UK



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Please make the appropriate payment.

Number of Children

There are lots of Penpal’s in Kenya, who are wanting to be linked up, to have friends in the UK



Writing to a penpal






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