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Global School Networks CIC connects many community groups and different faith institutions. Many schools in Kenya are attached to churches & mosques and there is often a strong faith connection within the local community.

We can connect groups of people together to form a network of people celebrating their faith or community globally. We can enable people to worship together, celebrate their faith and give people a deeper understanding of what the world is like to others in diverse places.

Globalisation has resulted in the world being more connected in many different ways however it is often the case that we are unsure what life is like from other perspectives. Joining our faith network allows people to connect and explore different beliefs and ideas. It is wonderful to share ideas and explore the world from a different perspective.

We can work with your church or mosque to link you together to form a network based on your faith. We can manage the link and organise for you to share in different activities between you.

Many groups that we have worked with have donated items or raised funds to support a particular aspect of their partnership. We have documented this, so you can see what has happened. Often when you support a larger organisation you are unsure where money or items are going, but with Global School Networks CIC there is a strong link.

Please feel free to contact us at angelapplications.co.uk/globalschoolsnetwork for more information and link your group up with another from Kenya. We are also able to give lectures and talks to your organisation about what we do, life in Kenya and how important their faith is.





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