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Education Is A Fundamental human Right And Children Should Learn To Value It In The UK


Around 50% of refugee children don’t go to school. Every year the number of child refugee children increases meaning more children are out of school.

Shamshida, in the video above, says that she did not attend school till 14. Lots of children have to make sacrifices in order to go to school and go to many lengths in order to find a school to attend. Many children find it hard to attend school because of civil war, conflict and ideologies that consider education (especially of girls) to be against the law.

School and education is considered as a way to improve life chances and result in improved opportunities for children. It also increases the chances of a country to grow and develop. There are lot of dangers for children being away from home as there are not the safeguarding procedures that you would come to expect normally. Many children also have to take on additional work so they can contribute to living costs and very often many children don’t have a family.