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Supporting young adults and children to develop social enterprise schemes, local businesses and community based projects enhances the lives of the most vulnerable by providing extra opportunities.  It reinvests and generates money for schools and education. Investing in the future generations is very important.

As a community Interest Company we take our responsibility very seriously. Over the last 10 years I have worked hard with communities to explore how they could best be supported. Many of the initiatives we are involved in are by the community for the community. Many larger organisations and charities implement what they think is needed and deliver aid. We have a different belief. In investing in social enterprise schemes it allows communities to have the opportunity to make a change for themselves. Every social enterprise scheme helps to support a school.

What are the social enterprise schemes we are involved in?

Education – Improving infrastructure and resources for schools.

Environmental – Allowing schools to be sustainable. Many schools have environmental projects allowing them to sell produce and money used for the schools.

Disabled – Many children do go to school In Kenya however disabled children are at more of a disadvantage.  We are working with a school for the deaf and they don’t have the facilities needed to develop further.

Health – the reason why some children don’t go to school is because they fall ill and are unable to get the care required to get them back to school.

Post School Opportunities – Primary School Education is free however pupils have to pay to go to Secondary School. After the children have attended school often there is a lack of opportunities for them. By investing in this it means small businesses and enterprises are set up for the local community.