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Global School Networks provides excellent 1:1 tutoring opportunities for children online and in person. We also offer Skype and Zoom lessons for children who are outside of the UK.

We have a core philosophy of unlocking the potential of every child and ensuring that they make the progress that is needed, so they can flourish in life. Many children have gaps within learning, misconceptions, or lack of understanding in key areas. At Global School Networks, we are able to tutor them, so that they feel: happy, confident, capable and resilient at taking on anything. We believe it is important for children to have all the experiences necessary to enable them to progress in life and have the skills in education for life – long learning.

If you require your child to be tutored out of school then please get in contact at globalschoolnetwork@gmail.com or complete the request form below. Tutoring sessions are tailored to the areas & needs for your child. Gaps within knowledge are identified.We can update you with how the children are doing against the national curriculum.

Tutoring opportunities are available for all ages and year groups in all subjects. We are also able to tutor in a variety of foundation subjects too like Geography and History; creating an imaginative and engaging tutoring experience. Additionally tutoring is available for entrance exams and 11+.

During tutoring sessions, we are able to assess understanding and progress in a variety of areas, teach techniques to enable children to understand key areas and build confidence at taking on different areas of learning. We are able to address misconceptions, track progress and create bespoke, tailor- made lessons targeting what your child actually needs.

We offer home- schooling opportunities for children, who are currently out of school, between schools, or who are not currently in the school system. If you have moved homes, are currently in transition,or are looking for a temporary education opportunity for your children, then please contact us, as we might be able to help.

Tutoring, mentoring and coaching is very economical. For the price of a haircut, football ticket, night out, clothing, a round of drinks; then you could have your child tutored and give them a real advantage.

The cost of tutoring starts at £30, depending on your requirements and location. Please contact us for more information and to arrange a consultation.






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