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We provide a variety of workshops, learning activities and themed days for the children based on a variety of different global and geographical themes / topics. We can tailor make activities for your curriculum and particular interests .

Flagship International Projects & Workshops Between Schools

  • #ShareAHeart – Design a heart and share it with a message of friendship for someone else globally – these will be displayed online and eventually in a gallery when lockdown is over
  • #FriendshipFootprints – Our continued focus is on developing environmental initiatives and work between schools and getting students to understand the impact that they are having globally. Children have grown crops and shared this. They have explored environmental themes and issues

Workshops For Schools 

  • Behind The news
  • The News Show – Headline News
  • The Holiday Show
  • Going Global
  • Storytelling Around The World
  • Climate Change
  • You’re Hired – Young Entrepreneur Business Workshop
  • Equality and Fairness
  • Going Green
  • World Weather
  • Through The Lens – Photography
  • One Voice For All – Rights Of The Child
  • Through The Window
  • Our School Meals
  • Map My Meal
  • What Is Poverty?
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Climate Change
  • The Big Vote – Holding An Election Campaign
  • If I Was The Prime Minister
  • Peer Mentoring For Active Citizenship
  • Two Tribes- Conflict Resolution
  • Be The Change – Active Global Citizens
  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Philosophy
  • Exploring feelings and emotions
  • Drama Workshop – Makutano Project – Create Your Own Soap based on a country
  • Science Fiction Ideas For the Future
  • Specific Country Focus Days & Workshops
  • International and Multicultural Festivals
  • Global Music and Dance
  • Heroes, Heroines and Famous People
  • Learning Outside The Classroom
  • The School Allotment Scheme
  • World History
  • Romans
  • Egyptians
  • Greeks
  • Aztecs
  • British History – Kings and Queens
  • Significant Historical Events and People

Our Workshops and Projects are all linked to Core Curriculum Subjects


  • Writing letters for a purpose with your partner school
  • Stories from other cultures 
  • Story telling from different cultures
  • Story Writing using settings and characters from different cultures
  • Newspaper reports linked to global issues and the environment
  • The news show – speaking and listening opportunities
  • Debates and discussions on a range of topics
  • You’re Hired – Young Entrepreneur Business Workshop – persuasive language and advertising techniques


  • Data Handling and statistics on a range of global themes
  • Measurement and comparing information
  • Pricing and costing
  • Problem solving with different functions
  • Fractions and percentages
  • Position and Direction linked to maps and exporting the world
  • Reasoning
  • Time and Time Zones


  • Environmental Issues
  • Plants and habitats
  • Exploring seasons and climate
  • Materials and different changes of state – A focus on chocolate and water
  • Growing Plants – The Allotment Scheme
  • Different forces and
  • Become an archaeologist – Rocks and Fossils – Life in the past
  • The human body – exploring cultural differences in diet and physical exercise
  • The Earth and Beyond
  • Let there be light – electricity and how it is used globally
  • Adaption and Food Chains
  • All workshops and projects are linked to curriculum objectives for a variety of subject areas including English, Maths and Science. 

Please check back as more workshops are currently being developed. If you see a project or workshop that you think we should be running then please let us know.

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