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It is official. We are Global School Networks CIC.

Over the last few years we have been working hard to establish an organisation that supports, empowers and connects children, schools, communities and families all over the world.

We believe it is important to allow everyone to work and learn together as a global community of learners. It is often very difficult for children to fully understand what is going on in the world and there are many misconceptions that children have. By working together, children get the chance to become active global citizens.

There are two facts in life: you can’t choose where you are born and you can’t choose who you are born to.

Sometimes people don’t get the same opportunities in life to realise their true potential and Global School Network provides opportunities for everyone involved.

We are not a charity but a Community Interest Company. We recognise that just by giving money does not necessarily lead to any improvements. Instead we provide a service. It allows everyone to be connected and work with each other. Social capital is extremely important.

You might not think that you can make a difference, but even something so small like writing a letter, taking part in a reciprocal project, taking an interest and caring about what someone is doing is extremely important. We also invest in social enterprise schemes, which allow money to be generated in the community.

For example; through environmental projects where growing crops can be sold to fund  schools and clinics, businesses / technology hubs which provide places where people can communicate with the outside world and start up their own business. Eco and Pro poor tourism initiatives, that are run by the community which allows people to realise what it is like to live somewhere else.

I’m very excited to see Global School Networks CIC grow and flourish over the next few years. We can only do this with support from you. From tiny acorns giant oak trees grow strong and tall.





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