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Ematundu School

We would like to thank everyone who supports GSN. The following photos show where money is being spent. GSN supports Ematundu Boarding School For The Deaf, in Kenya. One of a small amount of Special Schools helping disabled children. Many disabled children in Kenya are often at a further disadvantage because they don’t have access to the facilities and support they need. Money has been invested in the safeguarding and security of the school with a gate and the start of a security office. Many students face a huge amount of discrimination based on their misunderstood disability. The schools moto is ‘disability is not inability.’ Thanks James Wangwe for the photographs. Why don’t you support GSN? You could get a pen friend and show someone that you care by communicating. Money will be spent on schemes like this. You could sign up to take a visit in 2018 and see what it is like living in rural Kenya. Contact us at globalschoolnetwork@gmail.com

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