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Malala Yousafzai, is an example of the lengths that children have to go to, in order to have an education. You can find out about her story below.

In The Uk, children don’t fully appreciate the education they receive. They think it is something that they have got to do and fail to see the importance and the real value of it. There should be a cultural change at the way children see education in the UK. It is a fundamental human right and actually increases the opportunities that children have.

If UK children fully understood what they have got compared to others who find it difficult to attend school.  One of the taboo subjects that often fails to be fully addressed, is how hard children work and the effort they put in.

Very often teachers and schools are accountable for pupils and sometimes their attitude prevents them from progressing. This is not a failure of the school. When I have travelled around the world, reviewing education, I have witnessed many remarkable stories of children going to extreme  lengths to access education. This is because they know they have to work hard in order to progress and see the true value in their education.

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