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Child Pregnancies in Kenya

Startling statistics reveal that around one million children in kenya become pregnant by the time they are 18. Many of those children drop out of school and don’t continue with their education. Many children are also married before they are 18 and in rural areas 49% are married by the time they are 18. This has an impact on the opportunities that girls have and the choices for their future.

Poverty is a particular reason why this happens; here is a quote from the article below

One day, my uncle came home accompanied by a 50 year-old man and told me I was too old for school. My uncle said the man was rich and that I should marry him so that he can feed us.” Although the girl protested, her uncle firmly told her: “Akech, girls are born so that people can eat. All I want is to get my dowry.” The man paid several cows and took Akech as his third wife.

Read more at www.standardmedia.co.ke

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